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Natural interventions are best for keeping a healthy mind

As people age there is a fear of literally losing one's mind. When talking to older people about their changing health as they age, most admit that they are concerned about their mental health, reports Doctor's Health Press on Jan. 10, 2014. Older people, like people at other times in their lives, value their ability to think, reason, and remember important details. Natural interventions consistently appear best for helping people to maintain healthy brains.

The fascinating human brain
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Mental diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s generally begin slowly and then progress over time. Although cures for the various forms of dementia that can affect older people have failed to materialize, research has nevertheless has found ways to slow down the onset of these horrible conditions. Consider the results from a recent clinical trials that looked at the prevalence of cognitive impairment in elderly people living in Shanghai. At the beginning of the studies none of the participants suffered from cognitive decline.

Among participants who eventually demonstrated cognitive decline, the researchers said high BMI, diabetes, and having a low education were the most likely factors to trigger adverse effects in the brain over the course of time. These adverse changes generally took the form of memory problems and confusion around time orientation. It was the conclusion of the researchers that interventions which are aimed at preventing diabetes, obesity, and a lack of education could potentially prevent symptoms of cognitive decline as people age.

These researchers noted it can be very hard to reverse the onset of dementia, and therefore prevention is highly suggested. It is concluded that you may be able to lower your risk for suffering from cognitive decline by eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and watching your weight. Also, continue to exercise your brain by participating in activities. Online reading and work is great for this. Also, remember social factors are also important for preventing cognitive decline. Remain active and engaged in social interaction with your family and friends. It appears social networking sites can help a great deal with this.

Keep in mind that psychiatrists consistently carelessly and sadistically stigmatize the arbitrary targets of their greedy and unethical conduct with damaging psychiatric labels which have absolutely zero credibility, as often reported upon by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. These labels lead to career devastation, created and enforced poverty and anticipated social isolation, which along with the highly toxic psychiatric drugs of the psychiatrists, is clearly very bad for the mental well being of anyone. In fact people victimized by psychiatric intervention are often pushed into and left in such devastated financial condition they can not even afford nutritious food to help nurture healthy brains for themselves and their families.

In the process of implementing their destructive tyranny, psychiatrists intentionally have family members and friends assist in undermining the well being of other family members they have targeted to feed off of in the abusive psychiatric system, with lies and intimidation. This is all brutally enforced by the psychiatrists, the courts and the United States Department of Justice with no interest at all in the mental health of the victims of this tyranny, due to the tragic legalization of psychiatric quackery in this era. Therefore, it is advisable to seek out non-psychiatric natural mental health care interventions to nurture mental health at all times in your life.

The Harold Mandel, MD Natural Mental Health Care Reform Association

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