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Natural internal cleansing (detoxing): Fact or fiction?

Natural internal cleansing (detoxing): Fact or fiction?
Natural internal cleansing (detoxing): Fact or fiction?

It is one of the most popular fads in health and green living today. For many carrying around a cup containing a "green" juice is a status symbol. Many people call this fad "detoxing," while others prefer to call it "internal cleansing." Regardless of the title you opt to choose, one has to wonder does it really work? According to a story published today, March 4, 2014, in the Wall Street Journal the answer is... yes and no!

When it comes to detoxing or cleansing, you will find study after study on the subject. There will be those which claim it is "hokey" or simply a habit based on pseudoscience. On the other hand, you will find those who claim it has changed their life and increased their good health. According to the above mentioned article, written by Melinda Beck, there are good cases made for both beliefs.

When one looks at commercial aspects of detoxing or internal cleansing, one must understand there will be a lot of hype and commercialism. Remember, this is part of the sixty billion dollar a year diet industry! There are many snake oil businesses out there promoting this lifestyle and products which don't really do a damn thing but make money for the company offering them.

On the other hand, there is some scientific and medical proof that detoxing (naturally) does in fact work. The fact of the matter is, 20% of all adults have some form of fatty liver disease and detoxing can help in this area. Detoxing is also know for ridding the body of "gunk" which can lead to depression and various forms of anxiety related illnesses.

Good or bad? Does it work or doesn't it? Perhaps the only true answer lies within the person doing it. One thing which cannot be debated is the fact that detoxing naturally, cannot hurt you. You can juice up, bathe in Epsom salt solutions or simply change your diet to organic and green-- all of which is considered detoxing. Your body does retain poisons and toxins and no one can debate the fact that getting rid of them is good for you!

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