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Natural History Museum's Baby T-Rex meets Walking with Dinosaurs' Baby T

Hunter gets his chin scratched.
Hunter gets his chin scratched.
Photo by Ella Batalon

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and 'Walking with Dinosaurs—The Arena Spectacular' brought together their baby T-Rexes—Hunter and Baby T for a special Wednesday morning appearance at the NHM's Dinosaur Hall in front of groups of screaming and laughing school children.

Baby T-Rex Hunter meets Baby T
Photo by Ella Batalon

"Today, 'Walking with Dinosaurs—The Arena Spectacular' and 'The Natural History Museum' joined forces to experience their baby T-Rex, Hunter and our baby T-Rex, Baby T together", says Terey Summers, spokesperson for 'Walking With Dinosaurs'.

"'Walking with Dinosaurs' is a show that features 20 life-size dinosaurs. These are scientifically accurate dinosaurs and our Baby-T is one of our favorites. He is here today to meet the NHM's baby T-Rex which is named 'Hunter'."

The event scheduled for 11 a.m. had a little bit of a late start with Terey Summers, 'Walking with Dinosaurs' spokesperson making a short announcement. But once the two baby dinosaurs, both life-size puppets and their handlers slowly made their entrance to the Dinosaur Hall among the prehistoric specimens, screams of excitement and wonder could be heard echoing as children were in awe over the sight of Hunter and Baby T with some children actually nervous and scared when the puppeteers came close playfully nudging the kids and allowing them to touch and pet almost as if they were real animals.

The entire event lasted a good 40 minutes allowing visitors the chance to get up close and personal with the puppets, take photos and be photographed with Hunter and Baby T before they exited Dinosaur Hall into a back room.

"This is a celebration over dinosaurs and how cool they are", says Summers. "The Arena Spectacular is a full length show that is coming to Honda Center September 3 through the 7, and also the Staples Center on September 11 through the 14."

For more information and tickets about 'Walking With Dinosaurs—The Arena Spectacular' please visit their website:

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Special Thanks to Terey Summers, Kristin Friedrich and Tim Choy.