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Natural Hair and Protiens

Hair is approximately 91% protein. It is made up proteins called keratin.For healthy roots hair relies on a balance of proteins, oils and nutrients.
All proteins are hair strengthening proteins. Protein makes the hair smoother ,softer, fuller and reduces frizz. Most importantly it strengthens. A protein conditioner can benefit hair that's brittle or weak.
When protein is overused, the hair becomes rigid ,stiff and hard. Which leads breakage, moderation is key.

Different proteins can help maintain healthy natural hair.

Collagen Protein increases elasticity in the hair.

Silk Protein softens the hair .

Wheat Protein increases the hair's ability to maintain moisture.

Keratin Protein restructures damaged hair. It is a heavy duty protein. Keratin can strengthen all 3 layers of the hair.

Hydrolyzed Keratin is the most potent and highest quality protein that can be used on hair.

Vegetable Protein absorbs easily into the shaft and does not create nasty build-up. It leaves the hair silky, shiny, and healthy.

Silk Amino Acids is one of the strongest proteins.
It can penetrate the hair shaft the deepest of any
other proteins . It is a weightless protein.

A simple stretch test can be done to figure out if the hair is in need of protein or moisture. You hair needs moisture and protein if it does not stretch at all and breaks. Also, the hair needs protein if it stretches a long way and then breaks.

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