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Natural cold medicine turns skin blue?



What can you tell me about colloidal silver? When I went into a health food store looking for natural cold and flu treatments, the clerk recommended I take daily silver drops to boost the immune system. When I looked online for info I got mixed results. I read it can turn your skin permanently blue after as little as a week.

Mandee Blain, Fort Mill, SC

Dear Mandee,

Colloidal (solid silver particles mixed with liquids) Silver is not responsible for permanent blue pigment of the skin (argyria), despite articles that claim otherwise. There have been news reports of individuals ingesting silver to treat various ailments and as a result, having their skin turn blue. Of these cases, not one individual was confirmed to have been taking Colloidal silver, but rather different variations of silver particulates. In laymen's terms, there are a number of different silver components, inlcuding electrolytically isolated silver, colloidal silver, ionic silver, hydrogenated silver, etc. In order for the silver to cause argyria, the ingested silver would need to be silver chloride, which contains high levels of silver salt compounds. In low doses, when exposed to light, these silver salts reduce and become atoms that are eliminated from the body via blood flow. If, however, there are high levels of silver salts in the blood stream, (same high levels that are ingested when supplementing with silver chloride), these atoms will then grow so quickly that they become imbedded in the skins tissues, resulting in a permanent blue discoloring of the skin. This is an example of why it is extremely important to avoid making a silver product at home and to purchase such supplements from legitimate silver manufacturers and follow the instructions on the label. If you prefer, you can visit an alternative practitioner who will be able to direct you to appropriate dosing for your condition and monitor your results.

There are a few terrific Colloidal Silver supplements on the market, one of my favorites being Sovereign Silver. Colloidal Silver is indeed said to have anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-aging properties. It is used by many as a disease preventative and overall immune system booster. It can be ingested internally as drops on the tongue or as a nasal mist. It can be applied topically to reduce the appearance of, and in some cases eliminate, warts, sun spots, skin tags, etc. You can find Colloidal Silver at some health food stores. If your local natural market does not carry any, they may be able to order it from one of their supplement suppliers. It is available from online manufacturers as well.

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  • kathy langley 5 years ago

    I read about silver turning our skin blue. good to know this wont happen if we use the kinds found in sotres. who would make thier own homeade kind anyway? thats just weird. thanks for the info
    kathy langley

  • Jessica 5 years ago

    Hi Delialah,

    I really wnjoy reading your articles, I find them to be very helpful and well informed. I am 31 years old and I am considering a career in Alternative medicine. Do have any suggestions on where I might pursue such a career? Where did you study? My email is I look forward to hearing from you!

  • MP 5 years ago

    I am not much for all the alternative hocus pocus, but my wife convinced me to try some colodal silver when I came down with a cold last week. Not sure if it was 100 the silver that did it, but I can say that Irecovered much faster than I ever have in the past from taking Sudafed cold medicine. My symptms were better in 24 hours and the cold only lasted 2 or 3 days. I'm usually out for at least a week bc of my chronic sinuses. Makes me want to give more of this kind of stuff a try.