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Natural Cancer Cures

Cancer… A top killer of people across the world.

“It is estimated that 1 out of 2 children born today, will get cancer sometime within their lifetime.”

It is an extremely painful method of death.
It doesn’t have to be either painful or deadly.
It can be cured.

I will start with an example:
Diabetes type 2 in America accounts for 95 percent of the diabetic population.
In India – the disorder does not exist.

So… What is different in India than in America about Diabetes?
They treat the problem, rather than the symptoms that come from it.

Diabetes type 2 in India, is a temporary, 90-day disorder; treated with herbs and diet change. In America, it is a “lifelong” disorder that the average patient spends over $300,000 on in his or her lifetime. However, they never get better; unless they take charge of their own body or visit a naturopath physician to help reverse their problem.

What causes cancer?

Usually, chemicals/poisons that cause acidity in your body. Certain types of infections, such as Candida or other yeast strains, also are able to cause cancer.

Note: Cigarette smoke was found to cause cancer after pesticides etc. were added to the tobacco. I have not heard of many cases of smoking un-modified tobacco in moderation that caused cancer. It is extremely hard to find tobacco grown in a true organic manner.

What is the leading cause in America?

“In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer death, and causes it faster, than any other chemical.” -Dr. Dean Burk, Chief Chemist Emeritus, U.S. National Cancer Institute

It’s more than likely in your tap water that you drink, cook, and bathe with. Even if you do not drink the fluoride, sodium fluoride (fluoride salts) readily absorbs through your skin while bathing in tap water.

Another cause is mercury poisoning, also found in trace (or high, sometimes) amounts in tap water. Mercury is found in nearly all dental fillings in high quantities, and high amounts are found in certain types of fish meat.

Can cancer be cured?

Cancer is a cell mutation that occurs within normal cells.
In acidic and poisonous conditions, cells mutate to destroy the life that is there. Cancer, E. Coli, etc.

A test for cancer-specific antigens can tell up to 15-years prior to the formation of a tumor that you will have a cancerous tumor. These blood tests are normally not covered by insurance, although they would cost the facility the same amount to test for cancer, as it would to test your thyroid hormones.

How to cure it…

Nitrilosides (Vitamin B17) – You can find it in Apricot Seeds and many other raw, unprocessed fruit seeds. Amygdalin found in Apricot seeds, will form a cyanide substance that acts as a blood-cleanser. It also breaks down into glucosides, which regulate blood sugar by detoxing the cells of harmful fructose sugars. Sugar is needed for cell mutations; whether it be in carbohydrate form or direct sugar form. Vitamin B17 is also an extremely quick cure for diabetes.

Vitamin B17 was effective in over 80 percent of trials, just by itself. B17 also contains “glucosides,” which process glucose/sugar from cells that require glucose to live. After this research was performed, there were government-funded clinical trials ran on the vitamin. The tests were performed using a placebo for all patients, while telling them that they were giving part of them vitamin B17. The tests, of course, showed no improvement due to the placebo being used. This was obviously made illegal for the introduction of chemotherapy and radiation (the causes of cancer) to be introduced as the “only cure for cancer.” Quite ironic.

Jason Vale, an arm-wrestling champion, was placed in a Federal Prison for 5 years for marketing Latrile, a form of Vitamin B17 that he used to cure his own cancer.

Vitamin B17 has never killed anyone. Chemotherapy has; Vitamin B17, never. Yet, the patient and/or the insurance company will pay thousands of dollars in an attempt to cure it with chemotherapy or radiation before the patient’s death. Pharmaceutical industries are nothing more than a money-making scheme. Doctors are nothing more than someone who has been told something by another person who knew the same thing.

You should trust how you feel, not how a doctor tells you that you should. It is your life on the line. Not theirs.

Alkaline water – Cancer cannot live in alkalinity. It takes acidic and poisonous conditions to produce cell mutations. Tap water is around 5.5 (if you are lucky), and has fluoride in it. Alkaline waters include Fiji and other high-priced spring waters, that are usually imported. There are also alkaline machines to turn normal spring water into alkaline spring water.

Hydrogen Peroxide (Food Grade only) – H202 is the symbolic element for Hydrogen Peroxide; meaning 2 parts oxygen to one part. Water is 2 Hydrogen, but only one oxygen part. Cancer cannot live in oxygen, as your healthy cells like it too much – and will fight off the cancer. It is very important to not overdo this (or anything else). It is also extremely important to only use pure, food-grade H202.

Hemp oil –

IP6 and Beta Glucan –

Chapparal, Coral Calcium (provides trace minerals and makes your body alkaline), Selenium, and vitamins found in non-GMO organic-only foods will help your immune system fight off whatever it is attacking; while selenium is an excellent anti-oxidant for your cells. Selenium also helps to fight off cancer-causing parasitic fungi such as candida and mycobacterium infections.

Nature treats nature. Chemicals destroy it.

“Cancer cells lie dormant in a ph of 7.4 but as the body gets alkalized higher and the ph level reaches 8.4 these malignant cells die off.” -Cancer Expert, Will Johnson

Bottom line with cancer:
If your body stays alkaline, it cannot grow.

There are PH test strips at many health food stores for a body acidity test that is either performed by saliva or urine samples in your own home.

Alkaline forming foods can be researched online. The main thing is calcium/magnesium/vitamin D; or just plain coral calcium. A good way to tell if your water is acidic is to lookup a chart online. An example of a problem water is Aquafina or any other bottled water that is ran through a tap/municipal source and through a charcoal filter – then sold to you for 1 dollar per 20oz bottle.

Stay alkaline… you won’t get cancer.
May God bless you and keep you healthy.

P.S. If stress is the number one cause of illness, would that not make the opposite (LOVE) the number one cure?
Love. Sip some with your next glass of chianti. Mmm.

- See more at: For government-provided (NCBI) references to the fact that Nitrilosides / Amygdalin / Vitamin B17 is able to cure over half of cancers, please reference the book "Natural Remedies for Un-Natural Diseases" by Michael Fleming.