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Natural benefits of rose oil and healing properties

Rose Essential Oil Benefits
Rose Essential Oil Benefits
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Many people use various oils for healing purposes, along with meditation, or as a way to relax. Rose oil, in particular, has a very interesting set of popular uses.

Its benefits vary, from improving circulation, strengthening the immune system, and assisting the body in healing itself. Depending upon how one uses rose oil, it can offer help in various ways. It takes approximately 40,000 roses to produce one ounce of pure rose oil or 2 ½ dozen roses for just one drop. Pure rose oil is a highly concentrated product and the smallest drop can exhilarate the senses. This article describes various ways to use rose oil as an everyday remedy and discusses some benefits rose oil may offer

One such recipe describes placing two drops of pure rose oil in a tub of warm water. Keep the bathroom door closed so the scented steam will remain. This fills the bathroom with wonderful rose fragrance. Soaking in the rose oil bath will often soothe your mind and body. In addition, rose oil has been known to bring the female hormones back into balance and help with regulating the period and improving fertility.

Respiratory and Digestive System Help

For centuries rose oil steam has provided relief for respiratory infections, asthma, coughs, hay fever, liver congestion, and nausea. To create a breathing steam bath, fill a large bowl with almost boiling water and add three to five drops of rose oil. Leaning over the bowl, breathe deeply until you feel relief (usually within minutes). Placing a towel over your head may help direct the vapors better.

Aches and Pains Relief

Rose oil has also been incorporated into hot or cold compresses to help chronic aches and pains, monthly cramps, or headaches. Hot compresses primarily help to relieve chronic pain such as cramps for menstruation or muscle cramps. Cold compresses are better at relieving and reducing swelling, sprains and headaches. Place four to six drops of rose oil into very hot or icy cold water. Gently dip a folded cloth into the mixture, without fully immersing. Wring out the excess water and apply the cloth compress directly on the affected area. Finally, cover this with either a towel or a polythene wrap as your body soaks in the relief.

Stress Relief

Statistics show that stress is a major contributor to illness and poor health, so lessening one's stress level can be extremely beneficial to overall good health. Rose oil offers a way to target stress. Rose oil fragrance is beneficial in soothing the mind, helping with anger, grief, depression, fear, stress, and tension. When inhaled, minute molecules of oils are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. As the lungs work to oxygenate the blood, the aroma sends signals directly to the Limbic System. Therefore, spraying a mist of rose oil around the room would one strategy of dispersing the fragrance. To do so, fill a plant mister with 250 ml or a ½ pint of water, ¼ teaspoon sea salt and 5 or 6 drops of rose oil. Shake thoroughly. Spray the room and inhale.

Rose calms and supports the heart, helping to nourish 'heart-yin' and restore a sense of well-being. The flower has been known to bring warmth to the soul with its ability to heal emotional wounds. Rose oil was first distilled by the Arabic Physician Avicenna, who wrote an entire book on its many healing properties.

There are many brands of rose oils on the market, some claiming to be essential oils while others suggest that rose oil is not considered to be an essential oil. Whether "essential" or not, rose oil appears to have helped millions of people over the centuries in many ways.

As always, oils should not be consumed orally or be used during pregnancy. They should be kept away from children. Contact with eyes should be avoided. It is not recommended to apply rose oil directly on the skin - always check with small amounts for any allergic reactions.

Organic Facts: Health Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

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