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Natural and herbal remedies for chemotherapy side effects

Aloe Vera juice can be purchased from the health food store as a natural drink.
Aloe Vera juice can be purchased from the health food store as a natural drink.
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Looking for herbal remedies to combat chemotherapy side effects? Confused about which natural remedies work best? Worried about the safety of using natural herbal remedies along with chemotherapy? Here are some treatments for chemo side effects that work naturally, without harm to your already compromised system.

Ginger (for nausea)

According to MSNBC News, a study has accredited ginger capsules with providing significant nausea relief to chemotherapy patients. Patients in the study took ginger capsules for several days prior to therapy. Ginger is a common herbal remedy for stomach pain.

Ginseng (for energy)

Side effects of chemotherapy treatments can leave the patient depleted. Toxins in chemotherapy medication take a heavy toll on the body. Ginseng as an herbal remedy can bring back vitality. In addition to providing energy, ginseng is felt to reduce stress and anxiety.

Peppermint (for nausea)

Peppermint is a natural stomach soothing herbal remedy. Try a couple drops of peppermint extract in a glass of water to ease stomach discomfort after chemotherapy. This herbal remedy is easier than most for children undergoing chemotherapy.

Burdock (blood purifier)

This herbal remedy drives chemotherapy toxins from the body. Chemotherapy fills the body with toxins to kill cancer cells. Unfortunately these toxins have a negative effect on the rest of the human body as well. Burdock causes profuse sweating to drive toxins out of the body.

Sweating (releasing toxins)

Many toxins are only released from the body through sweat glands. Exercise is essential for this natural remedy. Another good way to induce sweating is with a sauna. If a sauna is not available, try eating hot peppers or running a hot shower while behind closed bathroom doors.

Aloe (soothe stomach and intestines)

Aloe Vera is a natural remedy for sunburns, cuts and scrapes. One of the side effects of chemotherapy is damage to the stomach and intestines. Aloe Vera juice can be purchased from the health food store as a natural drink. This home remedy heals the stomach and intestines of chemotherapy patients.

Omega 3 (strengthen immune system)
No natural remedy article is complete without the mention of Omega 3. This amino acid supplement comes in convenient capsule form. It will strengthen an immune system weakened by the side effects of chemotherapy. Omega 3 is available in vegetarian form as well as the traditional fish oil capsules.

Antioxidants (strengthen immune system)

Chemotherapy kills cancer cells. Unfortunately it also kills everything else. This is why Omega 3 and antioxidants are so important as natural remedies for chemotherapy side effects. Antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables fight free radicals and strengthen the immune system.

Please note: The author is not a licensed medical professional. This article is not meant to replace professional medical advice.

Portions of this article were previously published by this author on a now closed Yahoo property.

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