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Natural alternatives to antibiotics

Garlic is a very strong anti-viral herb.
Garlic is a very strong anti-viral herb.
Rüdiger Wölk, Münster

   Cold and flu season is in full swing, which in no doubt will lead to millions of prescriptions for antibiotics and other medications. While some are very necessary, especially when dealing with children and the elderly; many could have been avoided. Antibiotics should be used as a last resort when the body is unable to naturally fend off a virus, not as a routine fast fix. These drugs work wonders at healing infections and viruses, but when used frequently and for long periods of time, they can break down the body’s immune system making it easier for stronger and more dangerous bacteria to break though. This almost guarantees an unhealthy future.

   A good way to ensure that you will not need any prescription assistance is by making sure your immune system is in fighting shape before actually getting sick. Creating a strong barrier between you and bacteria is the key to staying healthy in the winter months. Many natural vitamins and herbs have been shown to strengthen the immune system, Vitamin C and Echinacea are the most commonly known. Many of these herbs have the exact same compounds found in antibiotics and can be taken at much higher doses without side effects.

   Garlic is so effective at healing infections it is frequently touted as the penicillin of nature; naturopaths routinely prescribe it for almost any infection. Taking it in clove form is the most efficient. Calendula is another herb that is a strong infection fighter, so strong that it has been found to fight off Staph bacteria, which has recently become resistant to antibiotics. It is best taken in tea form or in conjunction with any other immune stimulant. Ginger is an herb that has many different uses. It is great at treating and preventing colds as well as reducing aches and nausea. It has been found very effective at reducing inflammation of the mucous membranes, so it is great at treating sinus infections and head colds. It also can be utilized in tea form as well as added to foods, making it extremely easy to include its healing powers in your everyday life. 

   There are many more herbs and vitamins that are extremely beneficial when combating illnesses. Do not be afraid to look into alternative means when it comes to your health. Next time you are sick think twice about taking that antibiotic, it could be doing you more harm than good.