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Natural African black soap and raw shea butter soaps fix winter skin care issues

Natural skin care and beauty products are a must-have, especially during the winter months. From chaffing to unhealthy skin tones, winter skin damage is a real dilemma for most people. Nothing adds a rich glow to the skin like natural soap, cleansing and beauty products. From carrots to shea butter, pomegranate, aloe and even peppermint, the sky is the limit when choosing what works best.

Natural African black soap and raw shea butter soaps fix winter skin care issues
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Two beauty products that beat the winter skin blues include soaps like African black soap with shea butter and aloe, and raw African shea butter soap infused with soy milk, frankincense and myrrh. They contain all natural ingredients, including African shea butter, virgin coconut oil, palm oil, essential oil blends, vitamin E, rosemary soy extract, soy milk, frankincense and myrrh, among others.

The benefits one gets with natural skin care products are endless. They serve as the gateway to younger, healthy more vibrant skin the in the colder months, as fashionistas prep for spring and summer. Both African black soap and African raw shea butter soap provide restorative, anti-aging, anti-blemish, anti-inflammatory, as well as soothing and healing benefits to most users.

The ingredients used provide several additional benefits. For example, shea butter heals and softens dull, worn-out skin, giving it a touchably soft and silky smooth feel. Coconut oil provides moisturizing comfort, while vitamin E promotes skin elasticity. Soy Milk, for its part refreshes and rejuvenates the skin.

One can find these natural soap products are beauty supply stores or online. If possible, opt for certified organic, sustainably produced products with ethically sourced ingredients. The cost of regular 5 oz soap bars range from $4 to $5.