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Natura Bisse for first class travel

Natura Bisse gives your face a lift
Carol Stigger

Savvy traveling women have the wisdom to leave their diamonds at home where they won’t be snatched or lost in transit. Not to mention setting off alarms at TSA check points. Really? You expect me to put my diamond necklace and earrings in a little plastic bin while I stand here getting groped by a minimum wage chick with a metal wand? Really, they do. Better you lose your jewels than an 80-year-old nun sneak a six-ounce tube of Walmart tooth paste onto a Boing 747.

But leaving my jewelry at home does not mean I have to endure an 18-hour flight looking like a stow away. Natura Blisse beauty creams come in TSA approved sizes. AND their Diamond Extreme facial collection repairs and protects skin tissue in a powerful way. It provides a lifting effect that hydrates and protects the skin from extreme weather, the world’s worst airports (ahem London Heathrow, I’m talking about you), and frequent flying.

The face and eye cream stimulate cells and enhance tissue absorption while you are on a plane, on a yacht, on a beach, or hiking the Alps. Or, in my case, while trying to decipher a Paris Metro map with a magnifier in a dank, dimly lit station. Natura Bisse did not improve my eyesight, but it certainly improved my self-confidence among the Parisians strolling down the Champs-Élysées once I finally gave up on the map and hailed a taxi.

Founded in Barcelona, Spain, in 1979, Natura Bisse has been a leader in innovating and developing the highest quality face and skin care products. In the U.S., you can find their products in fine department stores such as Neiman Marcus.

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