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NATO Warns that Russia Could Invade Within Hours

NATO military chief warned today that Russian military troops could invade within hours. 40,000 troops are ready to go, with fixed wing and rotary aircraft and there is no sign of them backing off.

This comes on the heels of the Russian meeting with John Kerry on Sunday in which Putin called Obama saying he wanted to discuss the crisis in the Ukraine. But very little came out of the meeting aside from Kerry's sudden idea to meet with Netanyahu regarding the peace agreement, brought on by new demands from Abbas.

During the meeting with Russia, Obama demanded that Putin must pull back his troops, while Putin made his demands that the Ukraine allow a runway that would enable Russians to move freely from Russia to Crimea. So at the moment, the situation looks to be deadlocked, unless Russia decides to make a move within the next day or so, as stated by NATO.

Obama keeps pouring on the sanctions with the help of the EU, hoping to cripple Russia enough to make them at least want to cooperate. And Obama has vowed that there will be Isolation for Russia, should they send military troops into the Ukraine.

Due to these sanctions, Russia's economy has taken a hit as their stock market has been falling since the beginning of March. World stock markets will also take a hit if the Russians invade the Ukraine as investors do not like the prospect of war and the financial burdens it brings.

According to expert financial investors, signs of an impending economic collapse are already here. Prices on commodities are rising steadily and sharply. Precious metals are going up steadily as well, due to world currencies dying. Deficit spending, debts and money printing are to blame.

If Russian troops move into the Ukraine, a war and falling world stock markets will be inevitable. But Russia may surprise us all at the very last moment by showing cooperation, in an effort to buy more time.

It all depends on the allies of Russia if they are ready for a world conflict. Does Iran have what it takes and are they ready militarily? These are pivoting factors. Putin may decide that it would be best to want to go through with a deal between Russian and the United States which would involve the entire Middle East. This deal would be in the form of a peace agreement between the Palestinians and Israel.

The Bible says the agreement would be signed as a 7 year peace agreement, but it turns out to be false, as the agreement is broken after 3 and 1/2 years and a world wide war breaks out which will consume the entire earth.

No one knows exactly how the agreement will be signed, or what will happen before it, but however it happens, Biblical prophecy is about to take place and the end times are almost here. Once this agreement is signed, the tribulation hour begins and the rapture of the church takes place. Jesus promised to save those from the hour of trial, who have repented of their signs and turned from their ways, choosing to follow him. So repent of your sins now before its too late. Time is running out and Jesus is coming! Don't be left behind to see what the tribulation hour is all about. It will be a world wide nuclear war for sure. Ask Jesus into your heart and let him save you today.

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