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NATO Takes Stand On Ukraine

NATO Takes Stand On Ukraine
NATO Takes Stand On Ukraine

On Tuesday in Brussels a meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers have once again spoke up against what Russia has done in the Crimea. For the last two decades a thaw had taken place between NATO and Russia. NATO would allow Russia to come and sit in on its meetings, but this will no longer be taking place. NATO has also spoken to Eastern Europe and told those countries that NATO is committed to their protection. Kind of reminds you of the Cold War and the days of the Soviet Union.

The Ukraine, much to the dismay of Russia, has always been cooperating with NATO. The Russian Federation has said that it is redeploying the troops it had on the Ukrainian border but at this time they are all still there.

The world is waiting for Mr. Putin to make up his mind about these troops, Whether to enter the Ukraine or leave them in Crimea. Mr. Putin dropped President Obama a call last week to discuss possibilities of a peaceful compromise to the situation. At this time we are still waiting on more from that one. I guess you could say right now it is up to Mr. Putin to put up or shut up.

Either way NATO with the backing of the United States is increasing its presence in the region. The NATO forces are not on the Ukrainian border but are patrolling in maneuvers and in planes over the area.

The United States Congress has approved a $1 Billion dollar loan to the Ukraine, and Europe has been raising funds from many different agencies and countries. Russia has opened itself up to the sanctions that are already in place and now looks at possible isolation from it's neighbors.

Mr. Putin your move!