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NATO Must Step Up And Protect

NATO Must Step Up And Protect
NATO Must Step Up And Protect

President Barack Obama speaking to the 28 nation NATO alliance told them that they must take steps to stop any more of Vladimir Putin's form of diplomacy. In other words the next time that Putin over steps his bounds and thinks he is going to just take land from another Nation, that NATO should put a stop to it.

He reminded Europe of those days when it was struggling for freedom from the Nazi's tyranny during WWII. He reminded Europe of the days of Flanders Field and the struggle during WWI.

Russian President Putin must realize that if he thinks he is going to march into the Ukraine and just take it over without some sort of fight then he is sadly mistaken. It was one thing to move into the Crimea and annex it but that's it.

Putin has always hated the fall of the Soviet Union and has wanted to fight the wrong he felt the west did to his precious Russia. If Putin thinks he can rebuild this Union again by just walking into a nation and taking it over, he's nuts. People in Europe are tired of all the war it saw in the last century. They figure it is easier to just hit the pocketbook and hurt the Russians where it pains most, the wallet. Russia is not where it should be financially and if is not careful could be broke once again.

The funny thing is that it was the West who helped rebuild after the fall of the Soviet Union. The military could not even pay its men and women. Sailors would have to leave their rusted ships and take second jobs just to help with their families. Is this what you want Mr. Putin, do you wish to go back to the joke you once were.

I mean seriously you just came back from a good Olympics and now you go and do this stupidity. Mr. Putin get your act together and learn to play nice with your fellow man.

Europe, the ball is in your court. How far you want Putin to go is up to you. Remember the days though when you let Hitler get away with all that he did and look at how long it took to get back on your feet. Think twice about sanctions, a good fight is what Putin knows. He's a bully and the only way to stop a bully is to stand up to him.