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NATO Has Its Sights On Russia

NATO Has Its Sights On Russia
NATO Has Its Sights On Russia
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NATO is meeting this week in Wales and on its agenda is the Ukrainian conflict. Russia last week invaded the Ukrainian territory and opened up another front against the Ukrainian government. Russia aligned with the separatists rebels, are fighting side by side and have made strides against Ukrainian troops. The Ukrainian government has opened up the possibility of joining NATO and is certainly looking for help against the Russians.

Now the European Union and the United States first thought of punishing Russia by implementing more sanctions. It seems now NATO is wanting to take the fight directly to the Russian Federation in a rapid response move. This would be a in and out all out offensive and would take the Russians by surprise. It's purpose would be to inflict the worse possible harm in a short period of time.

In other words the west has taken all it's going to take from Russian President Vladimir Putin. From the beginning Putin has lied through his teeth about everything that Russia has been involved in with the Ukrainian conflict. It was Putin who instigated this whole thing. Sanctions have taken their toll but it looks like finally NATO is going to get involved.

The Russians have been told to withdraw from Ukrainian territory and so far they have ignored the warning. Putin has been getting away with murder during the past six months it's about time we took the fight to them. Let's see just how far Putin is willing to go with his actions.

President Barack Obama will be attending the NATO conference this week. He is behind NATO and has given his backing to any decision coming from the meeting concerning Ukraine. So Mr Putin it looks like its time to put up or shut up and if you think we will not attack you then you surely have lost your mind. Mr Putin we are coming for you.