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Native Food Brings Great Food and Sustainability to Clackamas Town Center

Native Foods Clackamas Town Center
Native Foods Clackamas Town Center
Pamela Millar

Native Foods restaurant has ust opened in the Clackamas Town Center in Happy Valley. After the great success of the first venue in the Bridgeport Village, this new location drew a full house for the pre-opening event.

The vision of this unique chain of restaurants combines a passion for fresh food, the love of animals and environmental protection. As a result, all dishes are mostly organic, chef crafted vegan comfort food. Their success stems from the fact that their delicious food appeals to vegan and meat-eaters alike. Seasonal updates to the menu are a delightful addition to the rich international menu and make special holidays a great excuse to visit.

A Commitment to the Community
All Native Foods Cafes are involved in local and larger environmental, animal rights, children's education groups and community garden projects. This is done through event sponsoring, bi-monthly Native Community Days and contributions with organizations aligned with their mission. Every time a new restaurant is opened, 5 new organizations are selected and sponsored.

Diet & Climate change
Started in 1994, Native Foods Café is one of the pioneers in vegan restaurants. The group understood early on the connection between factory farms, deforestation for animal grazing, cultivation of GMO crops for animal feed and the huge pollution produced by this carbon intensive cycle. Every step in this production cycle negatively affect climate change and directly harms the planet. This is why all the grains, soy, beans served in all restaurants are 100% non-GMO, a fundamental principle of the restaurant group.

A true Commitment to Sustainability
In addition to serving great fresh tasting food, all new restaurants are LEED certified, showing a great commitment to low carbon footprint and low energy use. All restaurants use corn based recyclable products instead of petroleum-based plastic.

The success of the restaurant is such that the group is planning to open 200 restaurants in the next few years. According to Daniel Dolan from the Corporate office "Only 15% of the guests are either vegan or vegetarians, so 85% are neither and just love our food. We serve great food that happens to be vegan. We are committed to serving our guest great food."

So next time you want to try a new restaurant and enjoy chef crafted food that is kind to your health, the animals, the planet and your wallet, try Native Foods Café, you are in for a treat!

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