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Native American Businesses Missing Out on Prospering from Own Casinos

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ative American Businesses Missing Out on Prospering from Own Casinos


Terrance H, Booth, Sr. - Neesh Wil Gum - Tsimshian Nation

Native American Casinos can become stream lined to make a greater economic driver for their own tribal settings. All the gaming tribes combined for 2012 gross revenues was at $27 Billion dollars. From 2004 was at $19.5 Billion and 2013 was at $28 Billion Dollars. [1]

If more Native American businesses can start to specifically target their own tribal casinos they would prosper. If you spend time at the Native Casinos you would see non-native deliver trucks delivering fresh produce, meats, providing technical support, electronic support, plumbing support, specialized cleaning, and many non-native workers. The Native Casinos should start by purchasing goods and services from Native American companies or corporations. Natives in agriculture should start selling to their own tribal casinos. Natives in beef and cattle industry should start becoming vendors to their tribal casinos. Native bottled water companies should start becoming vendors to their tribal casinos. Natives Artists should start selling to casino gift shops and have opportunity to display their art work their tribal casinos. Native chefs shouild have opportunity to set up in casino food courts featurning their Native Cuisine Menus and become a major attraction with the Taste of the Native Nations. Not to be negative but we see more non-native companies prospering rather than Native companies prospering.

If training would be in place by the Native Casinos strive for 100% Native hire and meet their tribal goal for more jobs and meaningful employment. Gila River Indian Community on the west end of their reservation established bus services directly to Vee Quiva Hotel and Casino covering two of their reservation districts and this in of itself should bring more tribal member workers to their tribal casino for employment.

If the Native Casinos would implement buying local they would become a major economic drivers of the local economies. Not only buy local but start purchasing from Native American Companies rather then non-native companies.

What does buy local do to the local economy:
Economic Impacts
• Overall Operations Impacts. All total, SCF Arizona created an annual impact of $528.3 million on the Arizona economy in 2009. The operations of SCF Arizona directly and indirectly support an estimated 3,600 jobs and $204.5 million in personal income in Arizona.
• Jobs and Income. The facility directly employs about 555 people with a combined payroll of $32.8 million annually and additional bonuses and incentive pay of $3.6 million in 2009. Through the multiplier effect, an additional 3,000 jobs and $167.9 million in annual payroll are supported annually at other businesses throughout the state. These additional jobs and payroll stem from direct and indirect impacts of supplier demand created by SCF Arizona and consumer demand created by its
• Local Vendor Spending. SCF Arizona made an estimated $38.5 million in local purchases for various services and supplies in 2009, representing 82 percent of total vendor purchases in that year. Based on the share of vendor purchases that are made locally, the annual economic impact of vendor purchases on the state is estimated at $68.2 million in 2009. This impact is included in the overall operations impact above.
• Capital Expenditures. SCF Arizona also made local equipment purchases of $770,000 and construction expenditures of $2.9 million for tenant improvements in 2009 that contribute to the company’s overall impacts. The $3.7 million in capital equipment and construction created an economic impact of $6.3 million in Arizona along with 43 jobs and $2.3 million in personal income.
• Employee Spending. Another component of the overall operations impact comes from employee spending. The 555 current employees working at SCF Arizona alsomake a significant amount of local purchases. The effect of employee purchases generated a total economic impact of $43.5 million on the state in 2009.
• Claims Payments. In addition to other local spending, SCF Arizona paid out $150.1 million in claims to medical providers in the state. These payments created an annual economic impact of $265.8 million in 2009. [2]

So by buying local the Native American Casinos can become a major economic driver not only generating the bring of prosperity of their own tribal people but help create more job opportunities, keep their spending within their reservations and prosper that of their neighbors. So this writer encourages buying local from Native American Companies and begin to prosper our Natives Companies instead of prospering non-native companies. So new goal for Indian Country start-up Native businesses that will give full support to their tribal casinos for they have to spend monies to operate and most of the spending of our Native American Casinos goes to non-native companies let us change that and Native Companies be the vendors to their own tribal casinos.


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