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Nationwide push to ban Basketball Wives after stars threaten cats

The is a strong push across the country to pull Basketball Wives or fire two characters Jackie Christie and Sunday Carter. The two were asked a simple question and they gave a simple answer. The video was released today, March 13 2014. It's causing a firestorm among animal lovers and those with common sense.

The question was what should a pregnant mother do if they have a temperamental cat. The two then gave cheerful, answers as to "Get rid of the cat,choke the cat, kill the cat". This felonious behavior could land the two uneducated television personalities in hot water with the legal system. They put the idea into someones head to harm a domestic animal.

The two gave the answer spontaneously, with no thought to animal welfare or to the fact that they are basing their uneducated answers on something that is wrong. They spoke without having any of the facts, except for what they heard. They were falsely under the impression that a cat will suck the air out of a baby by leaning into it and suffocating it. If you believe that, maybe these two will believe that a cat has walked naked to the moon. After all it has been on the internet.

The show airs on VH1 is now has their PR department working double overtime to try to do damage control. It's too late. The uneducated have spoken, it was caught on video and people are furious. Like cats or hate cats, they are domestic animals and hurting or much less killing one will land you in prison. Once in prison, it is all but guaranteed you will be beaten ..

So what should you do if your cat is temperamental? Get therapy for the animal and slowly introduce it to your newest family member. If you cannot afford therapy, and there is no other option but to get rid of the cat, you should call an animal rescue. Hurting , killing or abandoning the cat will land you in prison and your baby will be taken from your house by child services.

Animal lovers will start to boycott all of the advertisers on the show until these two are off the air VH1 did not respond to a request for a comment.

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