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Nations Gearing Up For Peace Agreement

As thousands of people are protesting against Israel from nations all around the world, their leaders are being compelled to take the initiative in going to the war torn region, in an effort to put an end to the violence.

People from around the world are protesting and are demanding an end to the violence between Israel and Hamas. Places such as Britain, Ireland, France, Norway, India, Indonesia, Australia, Morocco, Yemen, Tunisia, Sweden and Ireland are a few countries that are reporting large numbers of protesters. Canada also had protesters all across the continent. Protesters attempted to storm Israel embassies in both Jordan and Turkey.

The US alone had protesters in major cities such as New York, San Francisco, Washington, Los Angelos, Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, Boston and Philadelphia. People all over the world protesting against Israel because of the images coming out about woman and children being killed. The terrorists haves successfully painted Israel as cold blooded killers by showing the bodies on TV, of innocent children being paraded in the streets.

Hamas and the Palestinians dug tunnels coming from neighboring counties going into Gaza for the purpose of bringing in rockets undetected to launch at Israel. The problem is that these tunnel entrances are in private homes, hospitals, schools etc. done in this manner in an effort to keep Israel from bombing them. And although Israel had bombed some of suspected areas to try to weed out the terrorists, the tunnels for which the weapons are being imported, many of these tunnel entrances are integrated in civilian areas. As a result, the bombing campaign killed some innocent lives. So Israel's only choice at this point is to go in on foot checking every house and building to see if there is a tunnel hidden there and to destroy it.

People being misinformed around the world, set up mass protests against Israel. In response to these protests and the voice of the people, leaders of various nations feel the need to go to the region to try and get peace talks going between the two nations.

Palestinian President Abbas called on the leader of France because of his influence to help get Hamas's allies, Turkey and Qatar to help negotiate a cease fire between Hamas and Israel.

At the same time, John Kerry from the US and United Nations leader Ban Ki Moon are also going to the region to help with the cease fire process, to be arriving within days. All nations of the world are turning against Israel, and these leaders, including the world UN leader Ban Ki Moon, will be sure to put the pressure on Netanyahu to agree to some sort of agreement.

The agreement they wish to propose will be one to last longer then two years. And many leaders around the world believe that there will be no agreement or peace for that matter, without a two state solution. So most likely a two state solution, by dividing the land of Israel, will be proposed, the pressure will be on for a lasting peace once and for all.

The Bible says that in the end days, all nations will turn against Israel and that there will be a covenant among many nations that will involve the entire world. The United Nations is that world power to make it happen, with the Antichrist there to seal the deal.

The UN General Assembly meeting will be held in September during Rosh Hashanah. Here they will vote on world issues such as peace in the Middle East. As all nations are involved in the UN, it will only take 50 votes to make a proposed treaty become an international law. Here a vote to divide the land and for a two state solution, could force all nations including Israel to comply, as it could become an international law.

We are living in the very last days. God said in the Bible that sudden destruction shall come upon the whole world because they have divided his land, the land of Israel. That day is just about here and it may be the only way the world believes there will be peace.

As soon as the agreement is signed by all nations, sudden destruction will come to the whole world. Jesus promised to save anyone who asks for forgiveness and turns away from their sins. Get ready, all the signs are here and Jesus is coming. Ask him into your heart today.

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