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National Zombie Awareness Week (in Australia)

In association with National Consumer Fraud Week, the Internet Industry Association of The Australasia Consumer Fraud Taskforce declared March 2nd through 8th National Zombie Awareness Week. Their goal was to raise awareness of “zombie botnets,” PC software that attacks computers and turns the computer into “zombies.” Although this spawned some press and few amusingly unfocused YouTube videos in Australia, the world-wide press dismissed Zombie Awareness Week as not much more than a press stunt. However, because of the large black market trade for used computers in Australia, damaged (or “zombie”) do wreak considerable havoc.

How else do “zombies” crop up as a useful tool to describing a non-zombie? A few examples leap to mind:

  • At the State of the Union, congressmen fully embodied “zombies” as they stood, sat, and clapped on cue while staring slack-jawed at the President of the United States.
  • In classrooms and board meetings (not to mention lines at the DMV), “zombies” pretend to learn and work while hiding behind vacant eyes and numbed minds.

Where else are these “zombies” lurking? Please leave comments!


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