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National Travesty – 900,000 Veterans Lose Pension Benefits get Food Stamps

The shame on America’s U.S. Senate should be pressing on the heart and spirits of every single U.S. Democrat Senator during the nation’s Christmas season. This is due to a so-called joint budget agreement between the Senate and the House of Representatives that left nearly one million American vet heroes stripped of cost of living veteran’s pension benefits. The cut amounts to $6.2 billion. Yet, when Republicans in the senate moved to correct the problem, Senate Democrats blocked the move and instead allowed illegal aliens to continue to receive illegal welfare benefits to the tune of $4.2 billion annually.

900,000 U.S. Vets lose pension benefits and receive foodstamps instead - while illegal aliens recieve welfare
Photo credit - Wounded soldiers org.

Every single American probably has a brother, dad, grandfather uncle, sister, aunt or even mother who has served in the military and embraced and supported their noble service to the nation. Yet, now once out of service the nation’s leaders in the Senate decided that these earned veteran benefits and especially the wounded vets could be cast away. Instead the discarded veterans are being forced to scratch out a substandard living on food stamps and the charity of others, according to the Western Center for Journalism.

The outrage is immeasurable and the need to correct this imbalance of national priorities and treatment of the best of the best of our nation’s treasure should never have come to this point.

According to Fox News, there were howls of protests raised by many senate republicans such as Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions. He demanded that the immoral veteran benefits cuts be restored. Yet the smugness displayed by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, (D-Nev.) at Senator Sessions offer to correct the problem was totally dismissed.

The fact that even one solitary soldier has to sign up for food stamps while illegal aliens continue to illegally enjoy the fruits and benefits bestowed upon citizens should ignite a whirlwind of protest. In, fact, to add insult to injury, according to the Internal Revenue Service watchdog an estimated $4.2 billion in refundable credits will end up in the pockets of illegal aliens. Over $42 billion will be handed out to illegal aliens over a ten year period is itself criminal.

Of course there was not a peep out of the White House from Obama, who would rather defend the imagined rights of illegal aliens to receive American jobs, educational benefits, college education and other privileges.

The nation must say humbug to the likes of Harry Reid and any U.S. Senator that would dare to denigrate the service and honor of America’s veterans. Sacrifice is not just a word that can be trampled by uncaring leaders.

The first order of business for every household in America with or without a veteran in it is to send the Senate an email or a phone call about your disgust and demand justice now for veterans and their families that pay the ultimate price for the nation’s citizens and their freedom.

Honor – Duty – Service is the battle cry Americans must embrace to support the nation’s veterans by going to battle in the New Year for them.

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