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National Sweet Potato Day and the sweet potato fries

Rosen Music Studio
Rosen Music Studio

Since today is National Sweet Potato Day, it is but fit to make homage to the increasingly popular comfort food dish called sweet potato fries. Although crispy french fries using Yukon Gold is still the more popular choice for crispy and fried comfort food, sweet potato is becoming an alternate, if not the first choice, to many foodies. Here are some of the place in Los Angeles and Los Angeles County where you can find a plate of this deep-fried goodness.

National Sweet Potato Day
  • Rosen Music Studio (3488 W 8th St, LA 90005)- we surprisingly found this plate inside a karaoke room in Ktown. Instead of the thicker cut version, we found their almost shredded, thin cuts of sweet salty goodness. It was so crispy that it almost reminded us of the snap of a bagged potato chip. And it was as deliciously addicting.
  • Spitz (Eagle Rock or Little Tokyo, LA)- some may think that this is a side dish to their wraps and sandwiches, but at Spitz their sweet potato fries can stand alone in the crowd and would still shine as bright. It is no secret that this plate will never be a wallflower, with specks of seasoning that lends a salty and sweet tickle to each bite.y
  • Umami Burger (Multiple locations in LA)- they do not only serve burgers with the 5th taste but tasty good sides as well. Try their sweet potato fries for a different starchy plate that compliments any of their juicy, meaty servings.
  • Toast Bakery Cafe (8221 W 3rd St, LA 90048)- see and be seen at this popular celebrity hangout. But when you order their sweet potato fries, you won't see them on the plate for long. It will surely be gone and in your tummy in no time.
  • Father's Office (3229 Helms Ave, LA 90034)- probably the only office where you're allowed to take a break for more than an hour and indulge in their sweet potato fries. Carried in an innovative tiny fryer tray lined with parchment paper, their cuts are a little thicker but nevertheless as good. You don't even need the aioli that comes with it. The plate is highly recommended.

This comfort food is not only made to be celebrated today, but any day when a sweet and salty craving hits. Surely, there are many Yukon loyals out there but when an alternative to the golden fries is needed, try this orange starch called sweet potato. It will not be a disappointment.


  • Sai 5 years ago

    I love the sweet potato fries at Father's Office! Good list here, Lia.

  • Irena May 5 years ago

    Rosennn, one of my favorite spots for good times and cheap food, and YES their shredded sweet potato (strips) are deliciously addicting. I can't believe you found it too, good job!!!

  • Lia/LA CFOE 5 years ago

    Sai-Thanks. I love them too, and their burgers are not so bad either.
    Irene-Yes, Rosen has always been a place for celebrations- fun and inexpensive.

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