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National Sunscreen Day reminds us to to get fully protected this summer

National Sunscreen Day reminds us to protect our skin
National Sunscreen Day reminds us to protect our skinAmazon

Happy National Sunscreen Day! May 27th, 2014 is National Sunscreen Day and in order to celebrate this day sort through your old sunscreens, get rid of the old ones and replenish your supplies for the summer sun for you and the kids.

Most of us are aware that the sun can do damage to the skin for both children and adults and that while the sun can be good for us it is not healthy for our skin to burn. That is what sunscreen is all about to prevent the torture of turning red and getting any form of skin cancer.

There are so many different types of sunscreens available it’s best to choose which one work well for your skin type. The best types of sunscreen are the ones with the strong ingredients that include titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which create a stronger barrier between your skin and UV rays. The other sunscreens that contain chemical blockers work in the wrong way by absorbing and reflecting ultraviolet rays.

As a rule of thumb it is necessary to reapply your sunscreen every two hours especially if you are swimming or have been very active walking or playing in the sun. Make sure to protect your eyes and head with a good pair of sunglasses and a sunhat. Your eyes can get melanoma also as this was a condition my dad past away from a few years ago.

Always carry a bottle of sunscreen with you to the beach, pool, park, and make sure to avoid getting in your eyes. Be sure to keep your sunscreen in a cool area such as under a towel or in a beach bag because it can lose its effectiveness if overheated.

Be sure to apply the sunscreen generously to your ears, face, hands, nose, shoulders, top of your feet and on your lips (use a SPF lip balm) to prevent burns. Sun Screen Day is a great reminder to make sure you apply and reapply your sun screen whenever you go outside!

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Celebrate National Sunscreen Day Get Fully Protected with these tips

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