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National Special Needs Parents Day - pity or recognition?

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National Special Needs Parent’s Day. How does that ring for you? Recognition? Pity?

This week, Congress is to consider HR Bill 1576, sponsored by Indiana Representative Dan Burton whose grandson is diagnosed with autism. The Bill would designate a National Special Needs Parents Day, reading in part:

“ and supportive parents serve a critical role in the development of special needs children and in preparing them to succeed in school and in life, and...deserve annual national recognition for their selfless dedication, compassion, and sacrifice…”

Most parents falling into the “Special Needs Parents” category are emphatic in their stance that this spurs more of the constant ‘pity’ we get from others for doing what we do for our children, because they’re...our children. Many parents remark that “we don’t do it out of selflessness, we do it because that’s what you do for your children. Special or not.” Still more parents, after an angry rant, conclude, “What does that help? Why don’t they send money instead? Or End The Wait List so my daughter can get”

With the decision to this Bill set for this week, what do you think?


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