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National Sleep Awareness Week, where does your pet sleep?

Where does your pet sleep?
Where does your pet sleep?
Heather Ingo-Nutile

National Sleep Awareness Week is March 2-9 2014 and this is the perfect time to take a look at your own sleep habits.

“To sleep or not to sleep- with your pet”, that was the question asked customers recently kicking off National Sleep Awareness Week.

Google that question and an array of alarming stories pop up. Despite the nay sayers, an overwhelming 71% of pet owners sleep with their pets: 43% every night, 23% sometimes, and 5% when their significant other was out of town, according to the Novosbed survey.

Those bed sharing pets also have favorite sleeping spots with 52% at the foot of the bed on top of the comforter, 23% snuggling next to their humans, 11% sharing a pillow, and 14% snuggling under the covers.

Sleep experts have often argued that it is impossible to get a good nights sleep while sleeping with your pet. Some sleepers would say it is equally impossible to get a good night sleep with your significant other.

Novosbed co-founder & CEO, Sam Prochazka, was shocked to learn how many cats and dogs were sleeping on their mattresses following the survey. “I’ve got a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and before this survey I would never have allowed him to sleep in our bed".

One of the most revealing statistics for Novosbed came from asking their customers whether or not they noticed a difference in their pet’s sleeping habits since switching to a memory foam mattress-40% overwhelming responded that they were sleeping too soundly to notice.

After hearing those results, Sam Prochazka continued by saying he would rethink letting his own dog sleep with him and even consider adding a memory-foam pet bed to the line of Novosbed products. is the zero-risk memory foam mattress company. According to a company spokesperson, matches Tempur-Pedic quality at a third of the price while also adding free two-way shipping, 120-night trial, and a 25 year warranty.

So while sleep experts continue to argue who you should sleep with to get a good night's sleep maybe pet lovers should take a look at what they are sleeping on instead.

Source: Novasbed

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