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National Signing Day Closing: Lowcountry High School Football Unsigned

National Signing Day is Here
National Signing Day is Here

This time tomorrow all the pressure will be off as National Signing Day will be closed. The letter of intents will be signed. And high school football players from across the country will be gearing up for their next step in their football lives as they prepare for four years of university life. But with all the excitement and build up, there wasn't much going on for Lowcountry high school football players.

Open the papers tomorrow and you will see how Marcus Lattimore chose South Carolina over Alabama. The No. 4 ranked cornerback Martavis Bryant signed with Clemson. And John Fulton will be headed to the Crimson Tide. This is great for these young up-and-coming stars, but what about the Lowcountry stars?

Although not ranked among the top stars in the country, there are high school football players from the Lowcountry who will continue their football career in college.

Coastal Carolina has signed two in-state recruits from the Lowcountry as they welcome offensive linemen Devin Taylor and Chad Hamilton. Both players were invited to the coveted Shrine Bowl and look to make an immediate impact with the Chanticleers. They are the only big in-state school to announce the signings of Lowcountry players.

Both Clemson and South Carolina went signed recruits from upstate or elsewhere. The Citadel has held off announcing their official recruits until 3pm tomorrow at their official press conference, which will be covered at

The Lowcountry has produced an array of talented stars in the past including Dexter Coaxley (Dallas Cowboys, NFL) Roddy White (Atlanta Falcons, NFL) and A.J. Green (Georgia Bulldogs).

But when it comes to signing day, nothing's for sure until the ink's dry on the dotted line. You never know who will end up where as there are sure to be some surprises.

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