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National Shooting Sports Foundation - SHOT Show 2014 - Las Vegas - Day 2

The impossible was achieved today in getting around the second day of the SHOT Show, in that this writer got to see virtually all of the vendors. Naturally, many were but a fleeting glance at the myriads of tactical optics, firearms, and clothing, as well as the vast numbers of vendors selling components to modify the AR style guns for both tactical/paramilitary and hunting purposes.

This year like previous years, has many new players, and among these were the Australian Munitions company with their civilian ammunition offerings under the name "Australian Outback". The Australian munitions company has prior to this introduction been primarily a supplier to the Australian and other local police and military. Also new to the hunting arena is Celestron who in the past have been well known in the Astronomical optics field. Celestron bringing to the show a selection of binoculars and spotting scopes of the quality one would expect of such a well known optics company.

Among the other novelty systems showing up was the Bullseye Camera Systems LLC, camera systems, SOL who had their new blood clotting gauze and fire starting product called "Fastfire", a waterproof fire starting product that is both rapid in its process of starting a fire, waterproof, and extremely lightweight.

Like most other companies present Delorme and Garmin had new products to introduce, as did many of the ammunition/casing/bullet manufacturers such as the lesser known Jagemann Technologies.

The plethora of lighting companies, most of them aiming at the tactical market, but also presenting some useful products for hunters, were everywhere and too numerous to recount, some US based but most based in China. Many of the Chinese optics manufacturers who are making products for other companies to label, are presenting products under their own name.

Another large contingent were the manufacturers of leather western holsters and concealment holsters of every variety, from ankle to waist and handbag.

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