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National Relaxation Day 2010

by Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari

August 15th is National Relaxation Day.  It's a time to slow the pace of life and focus inward for renewal, relaxation and rejuvenation.  Los Angeles is the perfect place for honoring relaxation. There are lovely hiking trails, majestic mountains, day spas, beaches, parks and deserts to relax and reflect or meditate. Make time today to go out and do something you love or do nothing at all.  Unplug and leave your cell phone behind, or spend the day playing your favorite computer game.  Give yourself a home facial, nap under a tree in your back yard or enjoy a relaxing bath.  Create a spa at home using essential oils, relaxing music, and soothing bath salts.  Give yourself permission to languish in solitude.  

According to the Mayo Clinic, "relaxation is a process that decreases the wear and tear on your mind and body from the challenges and hassles of daily life."

The Mayo Clinic lists the following benefits of relaxation:

  • Slows your heart rate
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Slows your breathing rate
  • Increases blood flow to major muscles
  • Reduces muscle tension and chronic pain
  • Improves concentration
  • Reduces anger and frustration
  • Boosts confidence to handle problems

Find a location and treat yourself to a day of serenity. Happy Relaxation Day.

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  • Profile picture of Brenda Spandrio
    Brenda Spandrio 3 years ago

    Oh, shucks. I missed it by one day. I guess I'll have to create my own relaxation day. Thanks for the suggestions on how to relax.



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