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National proposal day done the Milwaukee way

Spectacular Proposal
Spectacular Proposal
Dynamite Imagery

March 20th is National Proposal Day.

Note: One's partner may decline the proposal simply because proposing on the national day for proposing could be seen as a cheesy attempt that may border on the contrived. Wisconsin, however, has some of the best cheese in the world; meaning that, a number of Milwaukeeans, more than likely, have a high tolerance for the cheesiest, lovey-dovey events of life. (Oh, how Midwesterners put things in perspective.) An offer of marriage on National Proposal Day could work in any Wisconsinite's favor, but here are some proposals that will probably delay an engagement. Steer clear.

Bad ways to/when not to propose

- After you cheated. “But baby I love you, Marry Me?” This plays as if marriage is an apology for dishonesty. Likewise, be wary of any proposals that are offered after a big booboo.

- After your partner delivers the placenta… wrong time. Just let her punch/pinch you as hard as she likes and compliment her strength and beauty.

- At somebody else’s wedding; however, after the wedding, in sentimental reflection, in your own environment, a proposal has the potential to be sweet.

- With red roses. The Bachelor, of reality tv, gives out roses to keep his harem wanting more on national television.

- Jumbotron or a plane with a banner.

- Drunk.

- “Oops, we’re preggers!”

- On April Fool's Day. If you were planning on proposing on April Fool's Day, please speed it up by March 20th. March 27th is also too close to April Fool's. Do not lag behind.

- Beware of the spectacular proposal. With a spectacle comes other confusing emotions & pressures, such as embarrassment & guilt. These could lead to a faulty "yes" or a thoughtless "no".

Anything out of the ordinary for you and your partner could lead to disaster & will feel manufactured and insincere. Go for compliments, care and sincerity. If your sincerity involves red roses and your newborn baby then, by all means, do what you do. Also, do not put the ring into food or drink.

Great ways to propose in Milwaukee
- Trails to walk, secret places

- At the Art Museum

- Go see a local show/band  then go to At Random (click here for another article on At Random).

- Local bakery/local winery

- If you just gave birth to the baby, it is okay for you to propose. Put the ring on the baby’s finger.

- If it happens to snow or you would like to wait until warmer weather, ask the question at the drive-in, at intermission (third video down the page) when the hot dog jumps into the bun (fun & sexy).

- Maybe ice skating. Make a fool of yourself, you know you can’t skate. Even if you can skate, pretend you can’t, because it’s funnier. Fall. Complain about your bum. Pull the ring out of a safely zipped pocket, and when he or she is about to help you up, ask. If they don’t offer to help you up… leave. No proposal for them.

Best wishes for your proposals and marriages, in hopes that your's will be a marriage like David and Rosalie Meier's who, after 62 years of marriage, peacefully passed away within an hour of each other.


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