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National Prematurity Awareness Day

March of Dimes Fight for Preemies
March of Dimes Fight for Preemies
Graphic by March of Dimes

November 17 is National Prematurity Awareness Day and the March of Dimes is campaigning to raise awareness of the dangers of premature births. We've previously discussed the dangers of premature birth, and how it's a major risk in a multiples pregnancy.

Visit the March of Dimes to learn about premature births. They have an informative page with grades for every state based on their premature birth rate. No state was given an A (highest grade), only one state (Vermont) received a B, and Tennessee received an F (failing) for its premature birth rate of 14.2% in 2007. Their goal for the entire nation nation is 7.6%.

If you or someone you know has a child that was born premature you can use the March of Dimes site to create a virtual wrist bracelet and webpage in their honor and use it to raise money for the March of Dimes. They also have badges and graphics you can use for your personal blog or website to help promote awareness of the problems of premature birth.

For additional reading: The Evansville Early Childhood and Parenting Examiner has a great serious on Surviving the NICU.