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National Pot Smoking Day: 4/20 cannabis smoke-out events around the world

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Have you heard the latest "buzz?" For the very first time, the majority of Americans are now in favor of legalizing a controversial substance that is illegal in many parts of the world. April 20, 2014, is National Pot Smoking Day, one of the most popular "holidaze" celebrated by marijuana enthusiasts around the globe..

National Pot Smoking Day is 4/20

While the origins of this "holiday" are a bit foggy, National Pot Smoking Day celebrates Cannabis sativa. Also referred to as Weed Day, National Pot Smokers Day, 4/20 or 4/20 Day, there is some debate as to the origins of the term"4/20."

Some believe “420” refers to the number of chemical compounds found in marijuana. Others believe the term refers to a police dispatch or Section 420 in the California Penal Code. But most "experts" believe the term was actually coined by a group of pot-smoking teens from San Rafael High School back in the 1970s. The slang "420" referred to the actual time they were to light up - 4:20 - just in case they forgot!

The Great Marijuana Debate

Despite the fact that millions still enjoy lighting up from time-to-time, marijuana still remains an illegal substance in most of the United States. While the majority of Americans now support legalization, National Pot Smoking Day also helps bring attention to the heated legalization debate.

4/20 Smoke-Out Celebrations Around the World

Whether you are in favor of legalization or not, many folks from near and far will be tokin’ and smokin’ on April 20, 2014. In fact, it is estimated that about 250,000 people from around the world will observe National Pot Smoking Day by attending pro-pot protests, peaceful rallies, smoke-outs and marches.

Check out a few of this year's 420 Day 2014 Events.

If you plan to party with Mary Jane on April 20, Happy National Pot Smoking Day to everyone who plans to celebrate.