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National Poetry Month: Poetry Muses on the Loose

In Bloom
In Bloom
Catherine Al-Meten

Muses are about during National Poetry Month, 2014

According to Greek mythology, the muses are the personification of knowledge and the arts. The Goddess Mnemosyne, the personification of Memory, personification of the Father of all Gods, had nine daughters. Calliope is the muse of epic poetry, Thalia is the muse of comedy and pastoral poetry, Enterpe is the muse of flutes and lyrical poetry, Erato is the muse of love poetry, Polyhymnia is the muse of sacred poetry. April is National Poetry Month, and during the month we will feature a variety of poetry for your enjoyment. Spend a bit of time each day under the spell of the Muses of poetry.

It seems only fitting to start the month off with a tribute to the Muses of Poetry written by William Blake.

To the Muses

Whether on Ida’s shady brow,
Or in the chambers of the East,
The chambers of the sun, tha now
From ancient melody have ceeas’d;

Whether in Heav’n ye wander fiar,
Or the green corners of the earth,
Or the blue regions of the air,
Where the melodious winds have birth;

Whether on crystal rocks ye rove,
Beneath the bosom of the sea
Wand’ring in many a coral grove,
Fair Nine, forsaking Poetry!

How have you left the ancient love
That bards of old enjoyed in you!
The languid strings do scarcely move!
The sound is forc’d, the notes are few.~William Blake

During National Poetry Month, we will feature a poem each day, and we invite all our readers to share your favorite poetry with us. To submit you favorite poem or poet, send your suggestions to Dr. Catherine Al-Meten,

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