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National Photography Month with Joby Sling Strap and Lowepro Passport Sling III

The month of May, as designated by the Photo Marketing Association (PMA), is National Photography Month. And both and Lowepro are actively celebrating National Photography Month with the Joby Ultra Fit Sling Strap and Lowepro Passport Sling Camera Bag.

May is National Photography Month.  Check out these essential photography accessories and celebrate with Lowepro and Joby!

Officially President Ronald Reagan commenced the photo-fête in 1984 and the first official American Photography Celebration ran from May 7-14. Then in 1987 the U.S. Congress recognized the industry and dedicated a full month of celebration as NPM – or National Photo Month. It’s a full 31 days of commemorating the joy and benefits of photography.

The Right Accessories for National Photography Month

Two of the most important accessories for any photographer are the camera strap and camera bag. Joby has one of the best camera straps in the industry, the Ultra Fit Sling Strap for Women, and the Ultra Fit Sling Strap for Men. Designed for both comfort and simple elegance, personal experience has proven that even a large zoom lens (70-200mm) can be comfortably carried for long periods of time without strain or stress.

Next, to carry all of your photography gear, including a DSLR with zoom lens, extra lenses and memory cards, the Lowepro Passport Sling III is the perfect all-around camera bag. With a comfortable, cross shoulder strap, the weight is evenly distributed. This makes it easy to sling and carry when you’re on vacation, on assignment or on-the-go. You can get 30% more storage with the zippered expander. There’s even room for a tablet to display your photos to clients.

Everyone Can Take a Photo-a-Day in May!

With the huge interest in digital photography both with DSLRs and smartphones, everyone can participate and make photos a part of their regular routine to recognize May as National Photography Month.

Apps such as Instagram, Flickr, Google+ and Facebook have made photo sharing so pervasive. But the act of preserving photos beyond digital sharing has decreased to the point where many families have lost treasured images because they accidentally delete them or neglect to create a back –up digital copy. Therefore it’s more important than ever to create photographic prints and albums.

The core of National Photo Month is to acknowledge the importance of photos as historical records. Surveys have shown that almost 70% of the people aged 16-24 have lost treasured photos due to their reliance on digital only technology. So printing, creating photographic albums, creating fine art prints is more important than ever.

Take the time this month to look at your daily routine and capture the rich history in your life. From family and friends to pets and sports, capture those moments that reflect your life right now. Then challenge yourself to take it a few steps further and create prints, albums and photographic gifts such as bags, mugs, key chains and more.

Over at Moms Who Click they are hosting a giveaway. They are giving away a Lowepro Passport Sling III camera bag and Joby Ultra Fit Sling Strap.

Tina Case is a photographer and writer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. She writes reviews, tips and tricks about photography gear and other consumer technology products. Follow her on Facebook | Twitter | Google Plus | Examiner | Adoramapix

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