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National Pet Day motto: 'Don't shop! Adopt!'

National Pet Day, it's all about the love
National Pet Day, it's all about the love

National Pet Day is Friday April 11, a day when you acknowledge and show how much you love and appreciate your furry little ones as ‘family members.’ For the lucky pets, it can be like Christmas morning, waking up to their gifts of chew toys, catnip, yummy treats, or a new leash/harness for their much anticipated walks.

But National Pet Day is also about raising awareness of the importance of pet adoption. The motto of the holiday is “Don’t shop! Adopt!” and their mission is to help all kinds of animals find their forever homes, including birds, gerbils, and turtles!

According to Pet Day USA, National Pet Day was founded in 2005 by one of America’s leading Pet & Family Lifestyle Experts, Colleen Paige, who is also the founder of National Dog Day, National Cat Day, and so many more pet holidays.

Paige believes, “Animals are sentient beings created by God that deserve compassion and respect. No animal should ever have to suffer at the hand of man.”

If your home is already filled with the love of a pet(s), there are still ways you can help to contribute on this humane holiday:

1. You can start an animal shelter fund. Encourage your children (and mom and dad too) to deposit all your loose change at the end of each day in a decorated jar (great project for the kids). Then pick a day, once a month, and bring it to your local shelter to help cut the costs of maintenance.
2. When you’re shopping for pet food for you furry family member, pick up and extra bag to donate.
3. Try to encourage family and friends who are looking for a pet, to check into adopting a pet from their local animal shelter.
4. If money is tight, and donating is not an option, you can always give of your time, by volunteering at an animal shelter. If you have teenagers, this is a great way for them to earn needed “service hours” for school.

Happy National Pet Day!

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