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National Parks of Arkansas

In addition to the highly popular Hot Springs National Park, the State of Arkansas has five other national parks for visitors to enjoy.

Arkansas Post National Memorial
Arkansas Post National Memorial
"Arkansas Post National Memorial 005" by Brandonrush - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via
An aerial view of Hot Springs National park in Arkansas
"Hots Springs National Park aerial". Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons -

*The Arkansas Post National Memorial near Gillett has a rich history beginning with the first European settlement in the Lower Mississippi River Valley in 1686. At the time of the Louisiana Purchase the community was the only one existing in what is now Arkansas and it was the first capital of the Arkansas Territory in 1820. A Revolutionary War battle was fought there in 1783 followed by the Civil War Battle of Arkansas in 1863.

*Buffalo National Rivers near Harrison is one of only a few unpolluted free-flowing rivers in the lower 48 states, winding 135 miles from the Boston Mountains and through the Ozarks. It has a visitor center and three wilderness areas.

*Fort Smith National Historic Site at Fort Smith was a training area for soldiers during the Trail of Tears. Visitors can see remains of two frontier forts and Federal Court for the Western District of Arkansas. Exhibits highlight the Civil War, frontier justice, Federal Indian policies and western expansion.

*Hot Springs National Park is among some of the most popular and well known in the nation and preserves what once was "The American Spa" due to the many spas developed around the natural spring waters that attracted visitors from around the world. The hot spring therapeutic baths have been used for over 200 years.

*Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site exhibits one of the top battleground areas in the struggle for civil rights when several African-American students entered the all-white school escorted by federal troops. The event and those following gained worldwide attention for the city of Little Rock.

*Pea Ridge National Military Park is the site of the most important Civil War battle west of the Mississippi River and visitors can view all of the battlefield as well as a preserved section of the Trail of Tears and setting of the Transcontinental Butterfield Overland Stage.

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