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National Napping Day; 'Springing forward' to one of life's guilty pleasures

Nap time is the best time
Nap time is the best time

Monday March 9, is National Napping Day, an unofficial holiday set aside to celebrate one of life’s guilty pleasures, after ‘springing forward’ this weekend to Daylight Saving Time.

We can thank William Anthony, PhD Boston University professor, and his wife Camille, for creating National Napping Day in 1998. “Our goal is to encourage folks to take a nap wherever they may be, at home, at the workplace or on vacation, and to make it a regular part of their healthy lifestyle. It is a day when nappers all over the country need to lie down and be counted,” Anthony said in a statement.

Napping certainly does have its good points: it helps to energize and boost alertness, increases productivity and creativity, and releases stress while lifting your spirits. But can too much of a good thing be harmful?

Napping during the day can be a wonderful way to reboot, as long as you are sleeping through the night. A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “links too little sleep (six hours or less) and too much sleep (10 or more hours) with chronic diseases – including coronary heart disease, diabetes, anxiety and obesity – in adults age 45 and older.”

Dr. M. Safwan Badr, President of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine, states, “A healthy, balanced lifestyle is not limited to diet and fitness; when and how you sleep is just as important as what you eat and how you exercise.”

So grab your pillow and your blankie, and leave a comment below on your favorite, or most unusual place to nap.