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National Napping Day 2014: Daylight Saving Time makes napping a must

National Nap Day 2014: Daylight Savings Time makes National Nap Day a must
National Nap Day 2014: Daylight Savings Time makes National Nap Day a must
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Today is National Nap Day. Even if naps aren’t a regular part of your daily routine, you may feel like you need one today. National Nap Day takes place every year on the Monday after we spring ahead for Daylight Savings time. It may only be an hour that we lost, but the toll it takes on our everyday lives can linger for days.

According to a report, Boston University professor William Anthony and his wife Camille founded National Nap Day back in 1999 to stress the importance of napping, especially the day after the time change.

Many people may think the time change is not a big deal, but scientists have proven over the years that taking a nap can be very beneficial for your health, especially after we move the clocks forward.

Losing just one hour of the day can make many people feel like they are walking a step or two behind all day, not to mention that all of the sudden we gain an hour of daylight, making it harder to fall asleep for early risers.

Since we have no choice but to change the clocks ahead here are a few good tips to try to offset the fatigue it may bring. Happy Napping Day!

1. Exercise. Just 15-20 minutes of exercise, or taking a long walk can help make you feel more alert and help you fatigue your body so you will sleep better.

2. Turn off the TV, smartphone or laptop in your bedroom while trying to sleep. They will only keep you awake longer.

3. Don't eat a big meal before bed. Try to eat at least 3-4 hours before you hit the sack.

4. If possible, take a nap, especially since today is National Nap Day.

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