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National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day: What will you be celebrating?

Happy Make Up Your Own Holiday Day!
Happy Make Up Your Own Holiday Day!

March 26, is “Make Up Your Own Holiday Day!” This holiday allows for you to choose any event, or topic you feel has escaped recognition, or not received the proper credit it deserves.

The origin of this holiday has been credited to the elusive, Wellness Permission League, who can’t seem to be found, and has no official website, but still deserves a big Thank You, wherever you are.

How do you go about making up your own holiday? It’s simple, first you “declare it,” and then, according to Punchbowl, you “come up with a creative, meaningful, or quirky idea for a holiday.”

The possibilities are endless, so get your family and friends together, put on your collective “thinking caps” and get ready for your first annual celebration of…?

Just to give you a heads up, these holidays are already taken: National Ferris Wheel Day, Rubber Duck Day, and Wiggle Your Toes Day, but here are a few ‘Make Up Your Own Holiday Day’ suggestions to help get you started:

~ It’s All About Me Day
~ Pajama Day
~ Pony Tail Day
~ Take Your Pet To Work Day
~ Breakfast For Dinner Day

What first annual “holiday” will your family and friends be celebrating?

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