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National Lighthouse Museum approved on Staten Island

Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

In honor of August 7, National Lighthouse Day, the National Lighthouse Museum will set sail on Staten Island by opening on the historic holiday. U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) has announced that he has secured the approval needed from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) allowing New York City to take sole control of over four acres of the former U.S. Coastguard site, according to The Staten Island Advance today (July 23). The newly secured approval is the last piece of the puzzle needed to secure property and allow the National Lighthouse Museum to also move forward, according to the report on today.

This is a major first step towards the National Lighthouse Museum seeing the light of day, pun intended, according to today's report. The New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) approved the opening of the National Lighthouse Museum later this year as well as the green light on the proposed Lighthouse Point redevelopment project, added today's article on SI Live.

"This announcement joins the one Senator Schumer made in March noting the FTA approved the city's application for the land needed to move forward with the Lighthouse Point redevelopment project. Schumer said the approval means the property necessary to realize both projects has finally been transferred over to New York City," according to The Advance today.

"This critical parcel of land is the last piece of the puzzle needed to fully complete the North Shore waterfront redevelopment project on Staten Island and will make way for the brand new National Lighthouse Museum scheduled to open this August," said Schumer to the local newspaper. "I'm confident the Lighthouse Point property will rejuvenate the North Shore and I'm thrilled to see this project is moving forward."

"The National Lighthouse Museum is 'beaming with joy' in hearing Senator Schumer has stepped in and resolved the FTA transfer of the Museum site to the city, completing one of the last hurdles to jump over in finalizing the Leasing Agreement with the NYCEDC. This cloud has been lifted and the National Lighthouse Museum's Educational Resource Center continues on course for its ceremonial opening on August 7, National Lighthouse Day and the 225th Anniversary of George Washington's signing of the Lighthouses Act of 1789," said Linda Dianto, executive director of the National Lighthouse Museum (NLM) to The Advance.

"We are pleased that we can now move full steam ahead with the National Lighthouse Museum and the reactivation of this area, which alongside the City's other major investments on the North Shore will invigorate the area with new housing, commercial, and cultural amenities," said Kyle Kimball, president of the New York City Economic Development Corporation in today's Advance. "We are grateful to Senator Schumer for his support in working with the FTA to secure the necessary approvals to advance these transformational projects."

August 7 is opening day for Staten Island's National Lighthouse Museum in the historic former U.S. Lighthouse Service national depot in St. George. Aug. 7 also marks the 225th anniversary of George Washington signing the Lighthouse Act of 1789, adds The Advance. All in all, this new museum is expected to be a major new historical attraction that should attract museum-goers on Staten Island, the other four boroughs and in neighboring states, as well as tourists traveling to New York City from all over the world. Move over Mystic Seaport, there is another local seaport attraction that should attract the seafarer in us all. Staten Island museum-goers, historians, and arts fans, set your calendar for opening day at the National Lighthouse Museum on Staten Island. This exciting historic opening right here on Staten Island shores that should help in the revitalization of Staten island's waterfront!