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National Lampoon not making 'Vacation' TV show, starting 'The Lemmings Project'

National Lampoon sets up The Lemmings Project
National Lampoon sets up The Lemmings Project
National Lampoon Inc.

Last week, the news broke that Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo were working on a new television series with Aaron Kaplan and the show was mistakenly referenced as a "National Lampoon's Vacation" television series. National Lampoon President Alan Donnes reached out on Jan. 13 and explained that the show is in the works but it is not based on "Vacation" and has nothing to do with National Lampoon at all.

It turns out that Chase is working on developing a television show that is considered "National Lampoonish" but that is just the feel of the show, and actually is not in collaboration with National Lampoon Inc. With D'Angelo on board, it might remind fans of the classic Chase movies, but that is all.

However, National Lampoon is working on several television projects at the moment that fans of the popular company can look forward to.

"We are developing a sketch comedy show for television that has several network suitors interested," Donnes said. "Why wouldn't they be? We are, far and away, the biggest and most recognizable brand in comedy. Chevy Chase, John Belushi, Gilda Radner and most of the original SNL people were actually National Lampoon Radio Hour talents."

Also involved with National Lampoon was the legendary writer Michael O'Donahue. He worked as the head writer for the NLHR and created many of the sketches on "SNL" that were based on classic NLHR sketches. One example is that, before he was the "SNL" News Anchor, Chevy Chase did a news segment on NLHR for their "Lemmings" show.

That brings National Lampoon to present day where they are offering The Lemmings Project, where the company is looking for new unknown talent to groom and develop with free improv classes and acting comedic classes.

"From this talent pool, we will begin distributing cutting edge, smart digital shorts, Lemmings feature films and the Lemmings will be the core writers and performers of the sketch show," Donnes explained.

So, while the Chevy Chase television series may not have anything to do with National Lampoon, the future still looks bright for the company that brought the world "Vacation," "Animal House," and "Van Wilder."

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