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National HIV Testing Day in the D


  • your aunt s 5 years ago

    do any of you kids realize that hiv can go back 15 or more years? and its not limited to just you and whoever your partner was at that time...its their previous parters and their previous partners etc....your one encounter could be involving 100 people...i had to have an hiv test about 15 years ago when i came home from calif and found out an ex boyfriend died from aids....i saw my whole life flash before me (not a fun thing).....and even though the 1 test came out have to go every 3 months (yeah thats 4 tests) to really make sure as 1 can be negative but the next could be positive...also i saw 1st hand what that disease does to you and how you die from it .(i had several gay men friends...i did live in san fran...after all....) its not funny.. everyone needs to take precautions in order to stop spreading this around until they find a cure for it....

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