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National Guardsman with 'top secret clearance' arrested with '48 bombs'

Scott Andrew Boguslawski's booking photo
Scott Andrew Boguslawski's booking photo
AP / Tri-County Regional Jail

National Guardsman Andrew Scott Boguslawski, 43, was arrested after a state trooper discovered "48 bombs," a remote detonator, as well as "blueprints for a Navy SEAL training facility" in his vehicle after he was pulled over for speeding, as reported by Laura Arenschield of the Columbus Dispatch Tuesday.

Madison County Prosecutor Stephen Pronai said that Boguslawski

“said something to the trooper about making a bomb vest.”

Boguslawski, who was a groundskeeper for the "Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in south-central Indiana," was a "specialist in the Guard who has top secret clearance" according to Lt. Col. Cathy Van Bree, a spokeswoman for the Indiana National Guard.

He was pulled over for speeding in Ohio, and "appeared to be heading back to Indiana."

Last week, the Examiner reported that illegal immigrant Mario Bustamante used numerous false documents, including an Arizona Identification Card, a Social Security Card, a Bank Card and vehicle registration to gain security clearance at the high security Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

Bustamante was also discovered after being pulled over for a traffic violation.

The story of Andrew Scott Boguslawski and Mario Bustamante is particularly concerning in the wake of the September initiative announced by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, who ordered a worldwide review of physical security measures at all military installations, as discussed in this press release.

The review of the military installments was initiated after Navy Yard killer Aaron Alexis, a government contractor who had security clearance, killed twelve people at the Washington Navy Yard.

*Updated to add press release.

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