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National guardsman shot and killed at armory: 15 year-old boy held without bond

It was a very sad day yesterday when a young boy of fifteen years somehow gained access to the Perry County National Guard Armory. Christopher Farrar was armed and fired several shots of which one hit Sergeant First Class Michael Braden.

Sergeant First Class Michael Braden killed by young civilian
US Military

According to Fox News, Christopher Farrar wasn’t alone when he entered the armory. Both individuals were taken into custody. It is still unclear as to how these two entered the armory gates since they are usually locked at all time.

A search of the premises reveals that none of the weapons located at the armory were touched. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has begun their investigation into this tragic shooting. So far no one knows why these two entered the armory, brought a weapon with them or why the shots were fired.

Michael Braden was currently stationed in Lobelville where he was serving in the Tennessee National Guard. He previously served two tours in the Iraq war and aided his unit in Kuwait. His length of service totaled twenty years. Braden, 45 years-old, was rushed to the hospital where he died shortly after.

Farrar was taken into custody and arrested at his home where authorities found multiple firearms. He was sent to a juvenile detention facility without bond. It is unclear at the present time whether he will be charged with the shooting as a juvenile or an adult.

It is so sad this tragedy had to occur. No reason or motives have been explained as to what possessed them to enter the armory or why firing a gun was necessary. Officials are saying that none of the individuals involved even knew each other.

So many service men give so much and risk their lives to serve their country. It is horrible that a random shooting spree took the life of a veteran for what seems to be without reason.

Sergeant First Class Michael Braden, a good man, guardsman and veteran has departed this earth but his memory, service and good deeds will not be forgotten!

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