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National Ground Water Awareness Week – March 9th thru March 15th, 2014

Many people are not aware that much of the water they use flows below ground to the surface to public water systems and to private wells. The National Ground Water Association uses this week to stress the importance of our ground waters to our health, wellbeing and environment.
The majority of public water facilities, in the United States, provide ground water to almost 90 million people while an additional 13 million people use private wells that provide ground water. Ground water is usually safe for use but can become contaminated by natural sources or pesticides, sewage, factory waste and other chemicals. (Think Erin Brockovich). The presence of contaminants can often lead to acute and long-term illnesses.
The Environmental Protection Agency continues to work with individual states to ensure our public ground water systems are protected from contaminants. While private wells, used by 25 people or less, aren’t regulated but nonetheless must be properly maintained and monitored by private well owners to ensure the water remains contaminate free. Resources are available from your local state government, the EPA and other non-profit organizations to help homeowners protect their ground water.

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