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National Grilling Month, fire up the grill

National Grilling Month, light up the grill
National Grilling Month, light up the grill

The smell of a grill cooking up some delicious meals can make many mouths water. While hamburgs and hotdogs are grilling favorites, other items can be delicious cooked on a grill. During National Grilling Month consider cooking up something new on the grill. From grilled fruit to fish, the grill is a perfect way to enjoy the summer and some new flavors.

Erin Palinski-Wade RD, CDE, LDN, CPT, a nationally recognized lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness expert suggests to think outside the box by using fresh, healthy, and unexpected ingredients. Here are a few suggestions to experience new flavors on the grill.

Watermelon: Grilled fruit brings out the sweetness in the fruit. Toss the fruit on the grill, cover in olive oil and cook for three minutes. Flip and repeat. Sprinkle salt and squeeze of lemon over it and enjoy. This sweet and watery fruit surprisingly contains lots of nutrients like thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-6, folate, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Stuffed Clams: Clams on the grill brings a taste of ocean to the home. Matlaw’s Stuffed Clams are easy to grill. New Frozen Stuffed Clam flavor varieties, Bacon & Cheese, Chorizo, Chili Lime, and their tried and true New England Style are easy to prepare.Simply wrap the frozen Matlaw’s Stuffed Clams in a foil "boat" and place right on the grill on medium heat for 20 minutes or heat in the oven. The clams are ready in under 30 minutes. They are packed with iron and are a good source of copper, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium and zinc. These stuffed clams taste so good that even the kids will be eating them. Head to for a $1 off coupon on any Matlaw’s brand product.

Mozzarella: The creamy, goodness of mozzarella tastes delicious on the grill. Coat a thick slice of mozzarella in egg batter, cover in bread crumbs and cook for a few minutes on each side. When the cheese begins to melt, remove from the grill. Drizzle a little marinara sauce on top and enjoy a mini pizza with the benefits of also getting protein and calcium.

Tofu: For vegetarians or those who want variety, tofu is a great blank canvas for spices. Try seasoning with garlic, cayenne for heat, and soy sauce and pair with crunchy green beans. Cook up the tofu and the sides for a complete meal.

Angel food Cake: For a light and healthy dessert, place cake on the grill until it is crisp and toasty, and then top it with warm raspberries, and/or blueberries. Add a little whipped cream or ice cream for a more decadent treat.

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