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National Goof Off Day 2014: What do you plan on not doing?

March 22 is National Goof Off Day. A day “intended for you to enjoy a special occasion for absolutely no rhyme or reason, owing no explanation to anyone.” Yes, a day set aside for you to do everything you want to do, not what you’re supposed to do.

National Goof Off Day

The origin of this great day is unknown, but there has been some speculation that a very hard working individual may have, “finally got fed up of always doing what he (or she) was supposed to do. Most likely, they finally lost it, and took a day to just goof off.”

Sounds a little like Ferris Bueller's Day Off, the iconic '80s movie that totally embraces the spirit of this National Goof Off holiday!

I have to warn you, this is one holiday you may not want to share with your kids, since they seem to have this “goofing off” down to a fine art: not doing their homework, not cleaning their rooms, not feeding the dog…well you get the picture.

What are your plans for National Goof Off Day, and how do you plan to celebrate?

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