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National Get Organized Month: Tips for organizing your vacation planning

Planning a vacation can sometimes become an overwhelming task. Not only do you have to decide here you and the family are going on vacation, but you also have to sit down, make reservations, pack and create an itinerary. A lot of work is involved with planning the best vacation possible and keeping your planning tools organized can be a difficult task.

As part of National Get Organized Month, I have created a list of tips to help keep your vacation planning organized. Let’s take a look at a few of those tips:

  • Start planning approximately three to six months before your trip. This will give you enough time to plan everything that needs to be planned.
  • Create a travel center in your home. Designate an area where you will place all of your travel items, including guides, notebooks filled with planning notes, contact information for hotels, airlines, etc. and all of your confirmation information. Keep everything in one place and it will be easier to find when you work on the planning process.
  • Make lists. Lots of lists. Write down everything you need to do from start to finish. Include a list of what everyone wants to do and see while on vacation.
  • Create a packing zone in your home. Designate an area of your home to put your luggage. Place items as you purchase and prepare them to take on vacation with you in the suitcase. Do not forget to cross the items off of your list once they are packet. Also, consider using packing organizers for jewelry, socks, personal items and other small items that may get lost while on vacation.
  • Pack for the kids on a daily basis. Use large zip locking bags when packing for the kids. Place an entire outfit in a bag and label it with the day they are to wear it. This will help the kids get ready in the morning with little to no help from you.

Keep your travel planning organized and you are sure to have an organized vacation.

Happy traveling!!

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