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National Geographic’s “Going Wild” with Tim Medvetz debuts in March

National Geographic WILD is premiering a new travel and adventure series on March 3, 2014 that will take those who seemed to have lost their passion for life on a rigorous, three-day intervention into the wild with adventure and survival expert Tim Medvetz on Going Wild. Get ready for anything but monotony with Tim Medvetz as he takes these individuals on the challenge of a lifetime.

Tim Medvetz, Host of National Geographic's "Going Wild"
National Geographic WILD

Going Wild is a new three-part series that takes these lost souls to remote locations that were hand-picked by Tim Medvetz. Each location represents a different kind of terrain that is remote enough so participants can find that inner survivor part of themselves to see what they’re made of. This wildlife intervention makes them face their fears and problems head on.

Tim hears the stories from the loved ones of the participants and makes unsuspected visits to these individuals to put the intervention into action and take them into unforgiving locations. This physical, mental and emotional journey will bring the participants closer to nature and also closer to their true selves.

Tim Medvetz is no stranger to challenges in life and nature. Back in 2001, Tim was hit by a truck in a catastrophic motorcycle accident that caused severe damage to his body and he was not expected to walk again or fully recover. From that moment on, his life would be changed forever. In May 2007, Tim summited Mount Everest after a long struggle that included a failed attempt one year prior and a shattered broken right hand on his 2007 summit. The former member of Hells Angels and builder of custom motorcycles for Hollywood’s elite, also created the incredible nonprofit organization, The Heroes Project. The mission of this project is to take veterans, who have suffered catastrophic injuries, on climbs to the world’s seven tallest summits. Tim’s goal is to mirror the mental, physical and emotional challenges it takes to overcome losing limbs in battle. It is also to help them rediscover their true potential during their quest to the summit which is really not too different from what he hopes to achieve with those in Going Wild.

Tim’s unconventional, tough-love approach is key in helping these individuals find themselves. He’s very passionate about pushing people to find their true perspective and showing them what they’re truly capable of without the distractions of technology and all the electronics that inundate the world today. The people on Going Wild are taken off the grid and put on a nature-road to self-discovery.

Tune in to National Geographic WILD on Monday, March 3, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. EST to take part in the premier of Going Wild with Tim Medvetz produced by Shine America.

For more information on Tim Medvetz and The Heroes Project, please visit their Web site and read on the upcoming Operation Everest 2014: USMC SSGT Charlie Linville.

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