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National Geographic Phoenix Lights UFO special prompts disclosure of Indian UFO sighting.

Phoenix Lights video frame
Phoenix Lights video.
Image © 2010 Base Communications

The airing in England and Wales of an acclaimed new documentary of the March 13, 1997 Phoenix Lights mass UFO sightings events has prompted a witness to a similar sighting to contact well known Phoenix Lights researcher Dr. Lynne Kitei with a first person account of a similar sighting which occurred in India in 1996.

The documentary, broadcast in the U.K. as "Mystery 360: Alien Invasion" on the National Geographic Channel and the nature of the witness reaction leading to disclosure will be the subject of an hour long discussion on the internet radio program, The Joiner Report at 8 pm this evening.

Deepa Satam, currently a resident of UK, was 14 years old and living in India at the time of her sighting. Her UFO report, forwarded to Dr. Kitei, is in many ways typical of those of its genre: Golden amber orbs hovering in precise formation that suddenly appear, in some cases move deliberately (as if there is some kind of intelligent control) and then vanish.

In November of 1996, I was in India. I was 14 years old that time. It was school holidays and me, my elder sister and friends always loved going to our building terrace and look into sky for some shooting stars and make a wish. Our building terrace is quite on 9th floor and the viewing is really great.

One night around 7:30 or 8 pm, we were just observing the clear skies and we saw the same pattern appear suddenly.

There were about 4 golden balls of light that appeared in a pattern and they were arranged in a step-like pattern, it was a V synchronous pattern and movement.

The lights were steady for some time. By little they were moving upwards, but when one golden ball moved the others [also] moved at the same time.

It was the most amazing experience of our life, unfortunately I did not have any camera handy to take a picture, I [wish] I could have done that.

[After] about 15 minutes that pattern disappeared in the air, there was no sudden movement, but just became invisible.

We ran the building premises to see if we could get another glimpse of it, but nothing was visible.

— Deepra Satam

There are two key significant points to the report, which will be discussed on the Joiner Report radio program.

First is that the report bears striking similarities to the video taken by Michael Krzyston on March 13, 1997 and analyzed for the National Geographic program by image processing analyst Jim Dilettoso, one of the prominent investigators of the original events – however the Satam sighting reportedly occurred a year prior and half a planet away. The observations of the wide variety of orb effects and apparent craft in the Phoenix Lights have been reported around the world and into history, including Saint Petersburg, Russia, Feb 19, 1997, along the Hudson Valley of New York in the mid 1980's, for three years running in Tinley Park, Illinois starting in 2004. The Phoenix Lights can only be understood as part of a recurring planetary phenomenon when taken in context of the world-wide body of similar reports.

The second and perhaps more critical aspect of Satam's belated report is that it was prompted by viewing on the UK National Geographic channel of the Base Productions documentary. Like many witnesses, Satam had  difficulty discussing the subject with others, including her husband, due to the social stigma imposed by a half a century of media conditioning on the subject. However more and more witnesses – perhaps prompted by the increasing rate of unexplained public sightings, perhaps prompted by a shift in journalistic consciousness on the issue – are beginning to discuss the matter more openly and frankly than ever before. 

This shift is what is at the core of social disclosure, a movement to re-examine the boundries of consensus reality.

The National Geographic investigation, due to air in the United States on Feb 22, at 7 and 10 pm local time in Phoenix under the name "American Paranormal: UFO's over Phoenix" is one of a three part series that attempts to match so-called paranormal phenomena with solid scientific analysis. Two episodes in the series examine the nature of ghost phenomenon and the evidence for Bigfoot.

It is the even-handed tone and tenor of the National Geographic special that separates it from such work as the UFO Hunters. Producer Chris Lofft was at pains to tell both sides of the story evenly, avoiding either breathless wonder at the sightings reports or strained debunking and ridicule of the witnesses. Presented with the output of a review of the major sightings of the night, a scientific team from Arizona State University, including ASU physicist Pavlos Mikellides and engineering professor William Waldock, took the reported performance into account and could not map accounts given by key witnesses in the event to known means of propulsion and aerospace technology. 

ASU Team
ASU physicist Pavlos Mikellides, PhD and Daryl Smith, PhD (Embry-Riddle) consider the possibilities of UFO design and propulsion.     Image © 2010 Base Communications 

The viewer is left to draw their own conclusions, although, as Mikellides notes in the closing statement to the camera, mankind did not invent the airplane or get to the moon, both once generally considered impossibilities, without a healthy dose of imagination of what may be possible.

The episode that was aired on Nat Geo on 9th Feb 2010 regarding Phoenix lights mystery was fantastic and so very apt. It took me to my most unusual experience I had 13 years ago.

After seeing the videos aired on Nat Geo which were capture by some of the witnesses, I realized that it was so true to what I had experienced. I had witnessed the same sighting in India in Nov 1996. Next day I wrote an email to Lynne regarding my experience.

I had discussed this experience earlier with my husband and he was [of two] minds that time to believe me. Gosh I am so happy that this episode was aired. My husband too viewed it and now he knows what I was talking about. He was thrilled!!!

He encouraged me to get onto the network and share my experience and get to know more info.

My sister who experienced this sighting as well.

Excitement is what is required, at that time our greed of spotting shooting stars, sitting on terrace tops exploring night skies for long hours got us the opportunity to get the viewing of an unexpected undefined something, something that I will always tell I had witnessed.

— Deepra Satam

Lofft's straightforward approach that may have given Deepa Satam the courage to respond, over a decade later, with her memory of what is possibly a very wide spread phenomena and add her account to the growing body of knowledge that is the human understanding of the UFO experience.

It is the belief of Dr. Kitei and others that the existing report base, impressive though it may be, is but the tip of an iceberg of observations never properly reported or accumulated. This is likely due in part to the ridicule heaped on the subject by then-Governor Fife Symington and the political damage to the career of Phoenix City Council woman Francis Barwood. Social stigma is a powerful force, but its influence over personal UFO disclosure is weaking.

Sometimes it only takes the courage of one person to come forward and others soon follow. This is what happened with the Stephenville case. When Steve Allen came forward and we did a newspaper story others then felt comfortable to report [their sightings]. There is still a stigma attached but I hope with more educational type documentaries such as this, the stigma will eventually fall by the wayside. 

— Angelia Joiner, Journalist, Internet Radio Host, The Joiner Report

Dr. Kitei has received in confidence thousands of reports from people since the 2004 publication of her book and subsequent release of her documentary. Her observation is of an increasing willingness by witness to allow their experience to be shared publicly.  The Phoenix UFO Examiner in turn, thanks Dr. Kitei for passing along Ms. Satam's report, which Satam agreed to be printed here.

"If you have experienced something profoundly out of the ordinary, it is unhealthy to be forced to keep it private,'' said Dr. Kitei, "The process of openly admitting and discussing these kinds of sighting events is cathartic....and healing. That is one of the reasons I came forward as a physician, after seven years of anonymity. I hope to have helped open doors for others to follow."

As political disclosure increasingly appears to be a practical impossibility, the widespread emergence of personal and social disclosure seems to hold the promise for humanity to come to grips with an aspect of reality that appears to have been engaging us in some form or another since the advent of recorded history.  Properly understood, UFO's may not be paranormal at all, merely marginalized.

The perceived stigma of discussing the subject frankly is rapidly diminishing as more and more people realize that everyone else has been holding the same secret.

The British airing of 'American Paranormal: UFO's over Phoenix' has been described by a viewer in Wales as "the best UFO documentary I've seen to date." Perhaps because the video investigation into the Phoenix Lights does not try to prove anything, it manages to encourage social disclosure.

How true that may for the ideologically cocooned American audience be will become apparent after February 22, 2010. For Deepa Satam, it became socially acceptable to discuss her UFO experience after seeing the British version of this new addition to the video documentary evidence of the Phoenix Lights.

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  • Rob 4 years ago

    Sonic booms...when are we going to have someone just call this out? If its man-made then how are we suppressing sonic booms at supersonic speeds...throw that out at every debunker and it becomes nonsense time.

    They always say: "So you're saying it must be aliens?"

    "No I'm asking how we have learned to suppress sonic booms if you believe these are not aliens...obviously you believe that, now prove it".

    Radar tapes prove the point, but good lord NO ONE ever uses this as a piece of evidence.

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    I work in area fifteen and I have a message to fellow earthlings that they are coming here to invade us
    Approximate date is you all will be shocked but the date is none other than 21 December 2011 Obama is lying to all of u

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    Sorry it is 21st dec 2012 the mayans were right our world is coming to a bad ending.