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National Geographic lets gamers test their zombie apocalypse preparation

No serious survivalist prepares for a zombie apocalypse. Even though no one is getting ready for such an event, a gamer can take on the role of a zombie prepper. All he she has to do is use the Doomsday Prepper's zombie outbreak simulator.

This single-player game, which can be found on the show's website, requires the players to adjust the stats of human survivors or the stats of the zombie horde. She can eliminate humanity or help it survive. The player achieves her goal, whichever one it may be, by adjusting the statistics of the humans and the statistics of the zombies.

Many zombie outbreak simulations run for hours. Because it does not require constant player intervention, the player can run Zombie Outbreak simulator in a tab while working on something else. A cautious player can even get away with playing while she is working. She just needs to make sure that her boss id looking elsewhere. Screenshots from the Eve Online auction house work well to help a person avoid work.

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